Blood donation is a pure and selfless act that benefits society – Tekpetey

Hundreds turned out last Saturday at the University of Ghana Athletic Oval to donate blood at an event organized by Ghanaian and PFC Ludogorets Razgrad forward Bernard Tekpetey in partnership with the National Blood Service (NBS), Ghana.

Tekpetey, 26, decided to hold the blood drive after coming across a video on social media where the parents of a sick child were pleading for someone to donate blood to help save their child.

Speaking to GraphicOnline after donating blood himself, Tekpetey said blood donation is a pure and selfless act that benefits the entire society in times of emergency.

“I saw a video circulating on the internet where a little one needed blood because they were going into surgery and they couldn’t get the blood,” Tekpetey, who plies his trade in Bulgaria, said. “The video really touched me, and I felt like I needed to come up with something, and this is what I came up with after meeting the CEO of the NBS.”

Tekpetey also expressed gratitude to everyone who participated in the exercise, especially those who donated blood.

Among the hundreds who turned out for the blood drive were Tekpetey’s colleagues, including David Atanga and Kasim Nuhu, as well as musician Keche Joshua.

For his part, Keche Joshua urged all Ghanaians to make blood donation a regular practice.

All participants at the blood drive were feted by the Bernard Tekpetey Foundation.


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