Bernard Tekpetey Foundation leads the Way in Blood Donation Exercise

On Saturday, June 15, 2024, the Bernard Tekpetey Foundation organized a blood donation exercise at the University of Ghana campus.

The event aimed to support the National Blood Service and encourage voluntary blood donation to save lives.

In an exclusive interview with AccraDailyPost, Bernard Tekpetey shared his motivation for initiating the blood donation exercise. He revealed that a personal experience had driven him to take action.

“Previously, we had a challenge when I felt there was a shortage of blood, and unfortunately, someone died. This experience led him to discuss the issue with the CEO of the National Blood Service, resulting in a partnership to organize blood donation exercises.” He said

Tekpetey emphasized the importance of making an impact in human life through blood donation.

“You might not know who will benefit from your donation, it could be your mother, father, sister, or brother,” he said.

He encouraged people to come forward and donate blood, highlighting that the reward for saving lives is immeasurable. Leading by example, Tekpetey announced that he would continue to donate blood along with his colleagues, including David Atanga and Waris.

He emphasized that blood donation is normal, even for sports athletes, and encouraged young athletes to understand the importance of donating blood.

Tekpetey urged his colleagues and others to support the cause, saying, “I know some of them are on their way coming, and I know probably when they come, they will also show their support and donate.”

He stressed that donating blood can save lives, and the future is uncertain, so it’s essential to take action now.

The blood donation exercise by the Bernard Tekpetey Foundation is a commendable initiative that demonstrates the power of community involvement in addressing critical health issues.

By encouraging voluntary blood donation, Tekpetey and his team aim to make a positive impact on human life and save lives.


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